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    • Bromine

      Molecular weight: 160      Specific gravity: 3.12      Melting point: -7.3 ℃
      Boiling point: 58.78 ℃
      Slight soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and ether easily.

      Properties: It is brown red liquid, with irritating odor, strong toxicity and corrosion capacity.
      Uses: Bromine is the material of organic and inorganic bromide. It can be used in pharmaceutical intermediate, bromine-grouping fire fighting agent, the intermediate of disperse dye, lithium bromide refrigerant, insecticide, fumigant, fire extinguisher, or used in petroleum, food and mining industry. Moreover, bromine can be used as strong oxidant of organic synthesis.

      Packing: Net wt 30kg in pottery jar, with wood box as the external packing

      Quality standard: QB2021--94 , Bromine assay≥ 99.70% Chlorine≤ 0.05% Involatile matter≤ 0.05% .
      You will enjoy our excellent service, we are looking forward to cooperating with you to develop new bromine products.

      Contact: Liu Ru +86-13940761100

    Contact us: Manager Xing    +86-15041743018

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    Contact us: Manager Xing   +86-15041743018         Manager Li   +86-13840787131
    E-mail: sales@zhongchenchem.com


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